Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our Weekend: Lowcountry Getaway

If you've been following my instagram then you caught a glimpse of the beautiful weekend I had. We headed 2 hours south to Bluffton, SC and stayed with my friend Gray's family at her parent's home. Now, saying that this part of the lowcountry is beautiful and amazing just doesn't do it justice. The best way I can think to describe it is this - place yourself in the middle of your favorite Nicholas Sparks book. There you are. Lovely, isn't it?

Gray's parents, Joe & Mary (yes Gray is like Baby Jesus), have a dreamy home right on the May River. The views are incredible. We spent our time on the boat, anchoring at sandbars, waiting out rainstorms, fishing, porch swinging, and eating lowcountry boils. The kids had a blast. Here are some pics. Most were snapped by Gray, some by me.

trip9trip4trip3trip5trip6 trip

We stopped in at Palmetto Bluff for lunch. I have a deep love for that place.


Guys had to get out and push when our boat hit bottom...


But we still made it to Marshside Momma's.


It was a good weekend.

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